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Zeus Game Assets When or when do you plan to release Blaster Creation Kit 1.1 version ??? even with the bazooka weapon blaster ??? thank you :)

Hey there, I was planning on releasing it soon but a lot of unexpected events happened, I'll do my best to have it finished mid-september, hopefully the wait will be worth it.

is there a folder called Demo, how do you use those files ...?

The demo folder contains asset forge models (.model files) that we created to showcase the blocks, open Asset Forge 2, go to the File menu, then press Open. Navigate to where the demo folder is, and you can open one of the model files.

is this for unity? my brain cant even think

This is mainly an addon for Asset Forge 2 by Kenney (, but since the models are in OBJ format, you can use them in Unity as well. If you use ProGrids in Unity and tweak other parameters you can make stuff as smoothly as in Asset Forge, however, we recommend using Asset Forge and then exporting your creations to Unity once you're done, AF has some cool features out of the box that'll make your work more efficient and enjoyable.

Cool i love it btw can i use it in my game ? pleasee

Absolutely not!

Just kidding, of course you can use it, that's the whole point! You can read the License section in the description above for more info on the actual license you're getting by downloading this product.

ok thank you i will read the license thanks for replying have a nice day

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Cool Pro im loving it loooooveee

Thank you for making this! This adds to prototyping weapons with Asset Forge

Happy to hear you like it. Yes, prototyping ideas for weapons was the goal from the start, this does indeed add a lot of combinations to what the software offers, it's even possible to use the blocks to make spaceships and mechs. So more toys to play with for sure!

This is really awesome! Thanks for making this (-: 

I'm glad you like it, we have a lineup of updates so follow us and keep in touch!