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Stylized low-poly retro sedan inspired by the design of cars from the 70s, with real-world proportions, and fully modeled interiors.

This model is ready for your game or rendering project with separate doors, wheels, steering wheel and dashboard needles. Materials were designed to allow full control over headlights, brake lights, left and right turn signals, and reverse lights.

This car was designed to look great from the first-person perspective, interiors and exteriors were modeled with just the right amount of detail for that beautiful stylized low-poly look.

Windows and windshields have separate glass material with transparency so you can enjoy watching your characters having the time of their lives from the third-person perspective.

Optimized for high-performance and low-end devices with a low overall polycount and 3 levels of detail.

Technical Details

- Textures : 32x32 color grids in PNG format (12 color textures + roughness and metalness maps)
- Polycount : 11503 tris, 6635 verts
- Formats: Blend (native), FBX, OBJ + MTL, unitypackage.
- 3 LODs : 11503 tris (8 materials), 4447 tris (2 materials), and 1584 tris (1 material, no interiors)
- Interiors with separate steering wheel, speedometer, rpm and fuel needles.

Want more cars like this? Check out our retro cars collection!


RCCityCar03-1.0.zip 3 MB


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Incredibly high quality asset! Being able to choose between the LODs and colors makes it super flexible and the aesthetic is solid. Can't wait to see what you make next!


Thank you, this is the 7th car in the collection, all cars have more or less the same polycount and aesthetics, I'll be adding more cars soon. Here's the link to the full collection: https://itch.io/c/1142226/low-poly-retro-cars