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Low Poly model with PBR textures of the World-War 2 era US fighter aircraft P51 Mustang.

The model has real-world proportions, is properly oriented and is ready to be used in your desktop, console or mobile game out of the box.

The low poly count allows the model to be used in multiple situations with minimal impact on performance. Small details were baked into the normal map and are not present in the mesh as geometry.

Parts that need to be animated were modeled separately, properly oriented and given clear names: ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, landing gears, wheels, propeller and nose.

The propeller is provided both as a mesh and as a blurred sprite for when the aircraft is airborne.

There are 3 color maps (or skins) inspired by the real-world counterpart that you can switch between to change the look of your aircraft.

The vehicle model has no interiors, no animations, and no sounds. Only mesh and textures are provided.

The preview images were rendered in Unity 2019.2 in linear color space with a simple post-processing stack (bloom, vignette and SMAA anti-aliasing).

Technical Details

  • Texture Size: 2048x2048 pixels
  • Poly Count: 4458 tris
  • Vertex Count: 2442 vertices
  • Physically-Based Rendering (PBR): Yes
  • Multiple texture formats are provided to ensure compatibility with a wide range of game and rendering engines: diffuse, normal (both DirectX and OpenGL formats), metallic, smoothness/glossiness, roughness, ambient occlusion.
  • Formats: Blend (native), FBX, OBJ + MTL, unitypackage.
  • UVs were manually unwrapped and carefully organized.
  • Sounds, Animations, Scripts: None, model and texture only.
  • LODs, Cockpit, Interiors, Pilot: None

Contact Info

If you have questions, suggestions or need support you can reach us by email and we will get back to you asap. For more info, please visit us at https://zeusgameassets.com


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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